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  • Mirrors are commonly made of glass with a smooth, polished surface that forms images by the reflection of rays and light.
  • The original method of making glass mirrors consists of depositing a coating of metal, mostly silver, on the surface of clear or body-tinted glass. A layer of copper, which is in turn protected by a painted backing, usually protects this deposit. The silver gives the mirror its reflective properties.
  • Mirrors are manufactured in several thicknesses: 1/8″, 3/16″ and 1/4″.
  • 1/4″ mirror is applied to walls, where 1/8″ is used when weight may be an issue such as door or drawer fronts, as well as placement into frames.
  • Mirrors come in a variety of colors: clear, bronze, grey, peach, blue, gold, black and antiqued.
  • As walls are rarely plumb, level or square, our on site measuring will ensure a fit to contour your existing conditions.
  • Often the need for visible metal channel is not required.
  • You may like a traditional look and wish to incorporate woodwork, architectural or picture frame moldings.
  • Maybe you prefer the more contemporary frameless look.
  • Mirrors are installed in bathrooms, dressing rooms, foyers, gyms, cabinetry, kitchen backsplashes, living rooms, dining rooms or just about anywhere.
  • The illusion of space is created when a mirror reflects both height and width. The perception of room size may often double.
  • You can brighten a room naturally by reflecting the outdoors or artificially from surface mounted light fixtures.
Wall and Door Mirror
Wall and Door Mirror